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The Dr. Carolyn Coker Ross Show: Binge Eating Disorder, Stress Eating, Emotional Eating, Food Addiction

Aug 23, 2021

If you struggle with binge eating, emotional eating and food addiction, you may also have body image issues.  Your body image issues may keep you from doing what you want to do in life and keep you from being the best you can do.   Think of your body identity as a role or archetype you have chosen to play in your life for the time being until you are able and willing to be your best self. This is the way you’ve learned to cope with being in a bigger body.   Are you the rebel, wounded child or sexy mama?  Whatever role you’re playing it may be covering up the truth of who you are.


In this podcast, you will learn:

  1. How identifying your archetype may help you to see your authentic self.
  2. How negative self-talk just makes binging, food obsessions worse
  3. Why you can’t “hate yourself thin.”