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The Dr. Carolyn Coker Ross Show: Binge Eating Disorder, Stress Eating, Emotional Eating, Food Addiction

Feb 24, 2021

"There is no one diet that works for everyBODY."

Despite the research, many people continue to look for a "perfect diet" (diet to go on) and cycle from one fad diet to the next, hoping that they will find a quick fix or a solution to their food and body image issues.  They are often excited when starting a new fad diet, then disappointed when they are not able to stay on their chosen diet or to maintain their gains. But have you ever considered that you’re going about this entirely the wrong way?

In this podcast, you will learn:

  1. What the research shows about the intermittent fasting diet.

  2. What the $60 billion diet industry won’t tell you.

  3. What you should eat to get and stay healthy.

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